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Low cost liver transplant India; best treatment with professional surgeons

Industry Health/Personal Care
Location Koh Kong
Phone 9371136499
Email enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com
Website http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com/liver-transpl
Address 4th Fl., No.5, 15th St., Gandi St., 15178-93547, Tehran, Iran
Company Information
Liver transplant is a complicated surgery if needed the surgeons would suggest you for total liver transplant and if only some parts of the liver is damaged then only the diseased parts of the liver is transplanted. When Liver Transplant surgery in India you need a donor and once you are ready with the donor the surgeons would start with the procedures. The surgeons who would attend your surgery are well trained and have handled many critical cases successfully. The hospitals in India are well equipped and have all the instruments that is required for a surgery. Where required they have invasive procedures as well which is unlike traditional surgery. The procedures depend upon the condition of the patient and his past medical records.
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