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IMMS Investment PLC

Industry Accounting/ Audit/ Tax Services
Phone (855) 23 964 105
Email samathe@immc.com.kh
Address 3rd Floor, Phnom Penh Tower, St Monivong Blvd,Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Company Information
IMMS Investment PLC is an international and very successful company in the field of gold and financial consultant. Our head office is based in Singapore; sub-branches are in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Phnom Penh, Indonesia, Hong Kong ¬. Siem Reap is our target for this year. IMMS provides the best service on Gold and Financial Consultant, monthly 2% of profit sharing.
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Job Listing
Job Title Company Location Closing Date
Manager - Many Vacancies IMMS Investment PLC Phnom Penh 2015-05-20
Financial Consultant - Many Vacancies IMMS Investment PLC Phnom Penh 2015-05-20

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