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Luxury Machine

Industry Real Estate Leasing/Acquisition
Location Siem Reap
Phone 063 969 877
Email job@luxurymachine.com
Website http://luxurymachine.com
Company Information
With the aim to help the fast-growing Cambodian tourism industry acquire modern and reliable systems to manage hotel businesses and offering solutions to reach to a demanding worldwide market through efficient online booking & marketing tools.

We quickly became a leading company in this sector, providing to the most well-known branded tourism accommodations of the area with our unique IT solutions designed to the respect of hospitality business specific exigencies.
Our way of doing business is driven by our passion for hotels, technology, and more specifically hospitality technologies. Considering ourselves full-fledged team members of your hotel, we monitor, ordinate, demand of all relevant work to ensure a successful implementation of the project that will bring full satisfaction to owners and managers.
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Job Listing
Job Title Company Location Closing Date
E-commerce Coordinator Luxury Machine Siem Reap 2014-05-31
Web Application Engineer- Web/ Open Source Luxury Machine Siem Reap 2015-06-30
Software Engineer - JavaScript Luxury Machine Phnom Penh 2014-08-31
Sales Executive Luxury Machine Phnom Penh 2015-06-15
Sale Executive (4 Positions) Luxury Machine Phnom Penh 2015-05-31
Web Application Engineer Luxury Machine Siem Reap 2015-07-27
Business Software Executive Luxury Machine Siem Reap 2015-10-15
Web Design Luxury Machine Siem Reap 2016-05-31
Pre - Sale Luxury Machine Phnom Penh 2017-12-08
Sale Admin Luxury Machine Phnom Penh 2017-12-31

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